The following prices are all based on Standard Cake Flavors and Filling and a standard icing. Custom flavors, fondant and added detailed work have an upcharge.

Specialty 3-D Shaped & Customized Cakes
Whatever the occasion these cakes are certain to wow you and your guests. Depending on complexity there may be additional charges.

Simply Decorated Cakes
These cakes are made specifically with your loved one in mind and are great for birthdays, showers, anniversaries, and any special occasion and are made in a round layer cake, available in any size.  Options included in pricing are choice of traditional cake flavor, butter cream icing, round, square, or sheet cake, matching colors to your theme, basic butter cream flowers, borders and writing. 

Edible images, Fondant, bows, ribbon and flowers are priced per item.

Premium Cake flavors, fillings & icings are an additional $10.00.

Market price and seasonal availability for fresh fruit

Pricing Guide for Wedding Cakes
Butter cream average starting price is $2.25 per guest
Fondant average starting price is $3.50 per guest
Fully serviced wedding cakes start at $250.

All wedding cakes include:

  • Each cake tier a different flavor
  • Filling in every cake
  • Free anniversary cake
  • Approximately $20 service charges cover both setup and delivery.
  • No rental fee on any stands; we have them all & require a deposit which is fully refundable when returned the Monday following your wedding. More information available in the deposit section.

The exact cost of your wedding cake depends on:
Number of guests
Icing choice: butter cream or fondant
Filling choice
Flower choice
Location of reception
What designs you like best

Number of guests is the greatest factor in the price of a wedding cake. It is best to pick out a cake you love & then let us size it for you.

Icing choice will also affect the price of your cake. The average butter cream wedding cake costs approximately $2.25 per guest; while fondant wedding cake costs approximately $3.50 per guest. Fondant cakes are more expensive due to the cost of the fondant itself & the fact that all of our fondant cakes are also covered in butter cream. So, that is twice the icing & work.

Flowers add great impact to a wedding cake. The current trend is to use fresh flowers. That will be part of the bill from your florist. We can work with all local florists which makes it very easy for you. There are also icing flowers & gumpaste flowers which can be added to your cake.  The choice is up to you!

Location is a factor in price as well. We include delivery to all area venues. If we are traveling out of our area, a minimal charge will be added. Kingman and Lake Havasu would be an added $50.
We usually deliver wedding cakes in the morning.

**Any Cakes the need Royal Icing or Gum paste pieces I will need enough notice to make as they are time consuming and need time to set before being put on a cake**

Sheet Cakes

Quarter Sheet
$ 40.00 (2 layer serves up to 24)
$ 55.00 (3 layer serves up to 36)

Half Sheet
$ 55.00 (2 layer serves up to 48)
$ 88.00 (3 layer serves up to 72)

Full Sheet
$100.00 (2 layer serves up to 96)
$125.00 (3 layer serves up to 144)

Two Layer Cakes
6" Round $20.00
6" Square $23.00
8" Round $25.00
8" Square $28.00
10" Round $35.00
10" Square $38.00
12" Round $40.00
12" Square $43.00
14" Round $45.00
14" Square $48.00
16" Round $50.00
16"Square $55.00

Cupcake Price List (Per dozen) for a basic frosted cupcake with or without sprinkles
Mini $6.00
Regular $15.00
Regular (filled) $20.00

These prices are for a basic frosted design, fondant designs will increase your price.  I am willing to do from basic to fancy and can create almost anything from a photo if you are looking for something specific!!!  We also offer custom image cupcakes with any pictures from our collection or yours.

Discounts available for larger orders on cupcakes.  Over 100 the price will drop to $12.00 per dozen for a basic frosted design. 

Cupcake Cakes are available, but are very labor intensive so the cost will be higher.

Standard cupcake cake has 2 dozen cupcakes
$40 - $65 for a 2 dozen cupcake cake
** the price range is depending on what you would like on the cake variances are based on the design :)

Examples of additional upcharges per serving:
Fondant covered frosting: $1.00
Chocolate ganache icing: $1.00
Marzipan frosting: $1.00
Cream cheese icing: .50
Creamy or chocolate ganache fillings: .50
Sugar flowers: $50 - $125.00
Chocolate hand made flowers: $50 - $125.00
Custom made toppers: $50 - $125.00
Custom cake plate: $25 - $125.00
Fondant bow topper: $25.00
Chocolate bow topper: $35.00